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The Majliss

VERY satisfied with both the product and the support team. I've been using InviteMember for well over 6 months now and I have never had ANY issues with the service. I recommend it to anyone with an audience that wants to nurture intimacy and deeper connection with their audience. Great product, great team. 10/10.
George Cooper

George Cooper

George's Sports Tips

We absolutely love how quick and easy it is for new customers to work the bot and if any questions need answering the response time from Invite member is amazing, always so helpful.
Al Losada

Al Losada

Simple Option Strategies

When I set out to find an automated subscription payment process for my trading signal service, InviteMember was really a no-brainer. They had a software package that thoroughly thought through the entire lifecycle process. It did not end there. The support I received from implementation to launch was amazing. Every question received a prompt and professional response along with great ideas to make my subscriber management process care free. I highly recommend InviteMember for your subscription service.
Dan john

Dan john


This service is absolutely phenomenal.
Devid Venara

Devid Venara

Expanda Community

I have a community on telegram and InviteMember was the only tool that allowed me to monetize and support the work we do with our customers. It is a great tool if you wish to monetize a community where people engage in conversation and where you give advice for all sorts of purposes.
I want to thank the team of InviteMember, because there is no other tool like that and they are always ready to chat for any problem or issue when putting the subscriptions together. And the clients love it!!!
Devid Venara

Andrew Palladino

Tradewave FX Alerts

InviteMember is the perfect solution for starting your own subscription based telegram alerts service. It is great to have a service that allows easy subscription management on the client side with a very streamlined and seamless payment setup. It allows me to focus on providing content and have a completely automated payment and subscription management solution. I'm very happy with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to offer paid content on telegram on a subscription basis.


English Immersion Class

InviteMember has created a bot that facilitates the process of taking payment and adding/removing members. They have also integrated the SuchChat feature which allows us to directly help our customers via chat when they have questions or need help making payments. InviteMember is always quick to respond when we need help with something. I highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to incorporate this type of bot in their Telegram channel/group.



Fabulous service and unbeatable customer service. A sensational experience.
Kelvin Thomas

Kelvin Thomas


These people behind this support team are immaculate. I would’ve thought I was dealing with an automated robot with how quick and direct these people are with their customer. Thank you all for being the best at what u do.
Justin Mueller

Justin Mueller

SimpleSignals, LLC

I stopped paying $100+/month at Thinkific to host and sell my training content, and switched over to InviteMember to do all the hosting and selling within Telegram. I just did a massive launch to over 2,000 people and in 1 hour received 200 students. All of my users love the simplicity of the bot and think it's way better considering it's 100% mobile. InviteMember is truly changing the game for me, and I couldn't be happier that I randomly stumbled upon them.
Boris "Reitak" Sedlar

Boris "Reitak" Sedlar


I want to say thanks InviteMember for great telegram subscription system, payment gate paypal and crypto works great, stripe not allowed in my country. System is easy to setup, groups connecting, invite people and kick from group works great. All automatic, recommend to all. Support is fantastic, fast reply and fixing if there is some problem on my side.


Top Predictions

Is a very good solution, We are very happy with it. We are using the access code method of clients registrations. I found also that there is a broadcast option - very coool! I noticed that the bot remembers the users that click the channel link one time and there is the possibility to broadcast a message to the entire list - remembering them once a month for example that there is a paid service offered by us. Great idea!.
Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams


The people over at InviteMember have been the most incredible group of people. They have gone WELL ABOVE the average customer service. I will praise this company to as far as is humanly possible.
Alan Thompson

Alan Thompson

Live Racing Club

The support I have received using this bot/service has been superb. Every question has been answers and even if a solution wasn’t available they have created one for me. Superb customer support


ForexSignals & CryptoSignals

For some people, I’m sure InviteMember is just a side show in their business, but for us, it’s the most critical part of our success. We have increased recurring revenue by over 50% since using InviteMember. We wouldn’t be able to manage our Telegram channels without this product. We have over 5 Projects/Channels and plan to grow this to over 10 by the end of the year. We wouldn't change a thing.
James TelegramFX



We have used InviteMember for over a year now and think it is a great tool for keeping on top of Telegram channels and their subscriptions. The service is professional and reliable, with a great response rate for any support related matters. Thanks again!
Edgar Pereira

Edgar Pereira


GREAT quality service! Came to bring a GIANT asset to our group! It makes our work a lot easier, because before everything was manual and now everything is automatic! We have gained a lot of time, and it is a service that I recommend to 100%! Service excellence and a very good customer support, helpfull and always available!
Ibrahim NNF VIP



InviteMember is the best solution to manage your premium telegram channel
The features fit all my needs
The technical team with me 24/7
This product Help me to improve my business..
Keep going InviteMember 👍🏻
Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos


I recommend for sure, i was searching for something like your software for like a 3 month and no one was so good like yours, very fast support, very useful bot, thank you so much for everything.

Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill/NETELLER,
PayPal, Bitcoin, or even cash.

Stripe logo
Skrill logo
PayPal logo
CoinPayments logo
Paystack logo
Razorpay logo

Are you looking for something specific?
Check out What Payment Options Are Available? from InviteMember Help Center!

How to start your subscription business in Telegram?

Use InviteMember to build your subscription bot and automate your membership business.

trading signal provider

1. Get ready

Open Telegram and create your private Telegram Channel or Group. This is your members-only area.

Use InviteMember to build your subscription bot for Telegram and connect it with your Channel/Group and a payment system (Stripe, for example).

trading signal provider

2. Launch

Put links to your subscription bot on your website, in your social media, in your public Telegram channel.

Get notifications when somebody opens the bot.

trading signal provider

3. Get paid

Your subscription bot will accept payments and send invite links automatically. You will receive a notification for every payment.

Now your membership business is fully automated and you can focus on content and growth.

Are you looking for a more detailed step-by-step tutorial?
Check out Getting Started article from InviteMember Help Center.

InviteMember Features

quick setup

Quick and easy installation

It takes only 5 minutes to start using InviteMember. No coding or technical skills required.

credit card

Credit/debit card processing

Accept credit and debit cards with Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways.


Cryptocurrencies processing

With CoinPayments integration you can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies from customers anywhere in the world.

invite link

Auto add/remove users

Client receives an invite link immediately after his payment. When the subscription ends, the account automatically shuts down: bot kicks user from your Telegram channels and groups.

subscription plan

Flexible subscription plans

From 1 day to an entire lifetime — you can create as many plans as you want.

subscription renew reminders

Renewal reminders

Our InviteMember bot will remind your clients to renew their subscriptions in advance.

customer support

Built-in support via SuchChat

Support your customers by yourself or in a group with free SuchChat.

access codes

Access Codes

With Access Codes you will accept payments manually, but membership management (adding and removing from channels/groups, reminders, etc.) will be automated. Learn more



You can segment your bot audience and send messages to the users. All media message types are supported.

How To Make A Broadcast

Telegram bot translation


Not only English — your membership bot can be translated in one of 15+ languages.

Telegram bot custom commands

Custom commands NEW!

Supercharge your membership bot with your own commands. Learn more

data export

Data export (CSV)

You can export your users, payments and subscriptions data at any time.

customized chatbot

Full customization

Use your own logo and texts for full branding. Customize as much or as little of the experience.

affiliate program

Affiliate program

Grow your business exponentially with our built-in affiliate program. Learn more

landing page

Hosted landing page Coming soon

Create a beautiful hosted landing page for your membership project.


Coupons Coming soon

Special offers made easy with discount coupons.


Web Dashboards Coming soon

Monitor your key metrics in real-time.


API Coming soon

Integrate InviteMember with your existing website or 3rd-party services.

Do you need something else? Tell us

InviteMember Pricing

Start for free and upgrade as you grow.

Free Tier
10% transaction fee
✅ Up to 3 Membership Bots
✅ All payment integrations

🌱 Best if you're making up to $700/mo

3% transaction fee
Everything from Free Tier, plus:
✅ Lower transaction fees
Access Codes

🌿 Best if you're making up to $2.5K/mo

1% transaction fee
Everything from Starter, plus:
✅ Minimal transaction fees
✅ Up to 10 Membership Bots
✅ Built-in Affiliate Program

🚀 Best if you're making over $2.5K/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InviteMember?

InviteMember is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product for membership management. It connects together Telegram API and various payment gateway APIs (like Stripe and PayPal) and makes your membership business fully automated.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is messaging app that focuses on user security and speed. In 2020, Telegram reported 400 million active users.

Are you affiliated with Telegram?

No, we aren't. However, we are big fans and believe that Telegram is the best messaging app in existence today.

How can I import existing customers?

It will require a bit of manual work to do that.

InviteMember is quite restrictive on who can stay in members-only channels and groups (see Telegram Integration Details). So each existing customer should either:

  • make a payment/start a subscription through InviteMember;
  • activate an access code;
  • be whitelisted (and InviteMember will just ignore him).

If you already have customers with recurring subscriptions — these ones can't be imported at the moment.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Just send /subscription command to @InviteMemberBot and click "Cancel subscription" button.

What channel/group permissions
does your bot need?

InviteMember needs only "Add users" and "Ban users" permissions. This is required since the bot will send invite links to your customers and kick them when their membership is over.

What if I want to change plans?

That's easy. Just change them in our bot. Changes will only affect future payments.

Can I charge a lifetime fee?

Of course! You can add lifetime plans as well.

Can I set a trial period?

Yeah, absolutely! InviteMember supports no-CC trials (no credit card upfront) for all payment methods and also with-CC trials for Stripe recurring subscriptions.

See How To Set a Free Trial.

Can I create promo plans?

Yes! You can create "newcomer-only" plans. These will be available for new clients only (who've never paid to you in the past).

Do I need a website?

No, you don't. You can use a link to your membership bot (or public channel/group) in your ads and social media.

How do you process transaction fees?

For payments through Stripe, the transaction fee amount will be withheld by Stripe automatically (together with Stripe own fees).

For non-Stripe payments, transaction fees will be collected each month separately. We don't charge transaction fees for access codes.

More on transaction fees

How do you process credit cards?

You can use Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways. Full list of available payment options.

How do you process crypto?

CoinPayments. With CoinPayments, you'll be able to accept payments in BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies from customers anywhere in the world.

Can you promote my channel?

Unfortunately, we don't offer Telegram channel/group promotion services at the moment.

Other questions?

Please visit our Help Center.

If it didn't help, please send us a message via Telegram: @InviteMemberSupportBot

Or an email:

We'll reply as soon as we can.

Launch your paid subscription service in Telegram today!

Launch InviteMember in Telegram and create your own membership bot that will accept payments and send invite links.